ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 1 No 1 2019

1. Micromechanics of Dentin: Review
Seyedkavoosi and I. Sevostianov
pages 1-26
2. Brittle Fracture of Iridium. How this Plastic Metal Cleaves?
P. Panfilov
pages 27-45
3. Strengthening and Softening of Nanoceramics: a Brief Review
A.G. Sheinerman and M.Yu. Gutkin
pages 46-53
4. Ceramic Units Manufactured by Additive Technologies: the Problem of Final Product Porosity. A Brief Review
V.G. Konakov, A.V. Soudarev, O.Yu. Kurapova and I.Yu. Archakov
pages 54-61
5. Review of Mechanisms of Nanograin Generation
N.V. Skiba
pages 62-68